Kabuci & Snowball's babies twelve weeks old

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Bengal babies are 12 weeks old and almost ready for their new homes the boys go first followed by the girls who take a little longer to recover from early spay, all were spay/neutered yesterday and all are recovering well :-)  they are all crazy and so need to be in their new homes come 12 weeks old. Kabuci has decided they all need their mums love and care while they recover from early spay/neuter so sweet, as she had almost left them but since returning home from vets yesterday Kabuci has not left them, such a special beautiful mummy. They are enjoying new toys this week and the bigger room, giving them loads of space to run around in thats when they are not jumping over the gate and running up and down the stairs with me behind them :-) all are using Gem's wheel on the landing and all jump into the bath!!! :-)  such fun to watch :-)  Good Luck babies as you start to leave and go to your new homes, we shall always be here for you should you or your new slaves need us :-)

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