Kabuci & Snowball's babies eight weeks old

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Bengal babies are 8 weeks old and are all now crazy, jumping on top on the litter bin, and jumping off into the water fountain OMG what a mess they are making for me, all have had their nails cut very short this week as they are climbing up my back, they are so full of beans, apart from one that has had a little virus, so its been visits to the vets every day for her, we hope she is now on the mend after a period of intensive care from me and our trusted vet, my moggie and two of the adults had the virus too, we think our last kitten visitor who had been to a few other breeders prior coming to Summerspride Bengals bought a nasty bug with them, although we are so strick on hygine going to have to be even stickter now, my babies are just too precious to pick up any nasty bugs once their imunity  frops at 6 weeks from mum.  Sorry have not had the time to take the normal amount of photos and videos I normally due to the flood and its damage and dealing with insurance company, but hope to take a video shortly :-)

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