Lily, Mitsy & Cleo

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Tomorrow I deliver Lily and her precious girls to their new home together, Lily im going to miss you baby so much, my first silver, you will always have a special place iin my heart, I know you will be so happy in your new home and so loved, its because I love you so much im allowing you to move on to your forever home with Phil and family, should you ever need me Im always here.

Lily thank you for producing so many beautiful stunning bengal babies with the most amazing temperaments, all love to purr and padd, all have given me so much joy.

With my love always and forever me Julie your second mummy, after your birth mummy Molly. Love you baby girl xxx

Phil, please remember we are always here for you Lily and the girls, thank you for taking the time to visit every week so Lily and the girls have bonded with you and you with them, this will help Lily so much in her new adventure.

Love Julie & Andy Summerspride Bengals xxx

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