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Just sat here thinking after being woken up at 4.30am by Dream's baby girls escaping the nest, now have fed all cats all litter trays done and have had two cups of tea, all cats and kittens fast asleep, me Im wide awake.

Nine years ago we purchased our first bengal Summer, my whole world, my baby girl, cant believe how much love I have for her :-) her first litter produce Dinky :-) Dinky is famous worls wide, everyone loves Dinky, Summers second litter produced Gem, Gem is the most amazing bengal ever. Summer went on to have two more litters before being spayed, and still lives here as my precious baby girl. With Summer I have made lots of new friendships people who have come back again and again for kittens as simply love what we do here.

Now twenty four litters later we are still going strong, its been a very emotional rollercoaster with lows but lots of highs too lots of fun and laughter at cat shows and with new friends, I still enjoy/love what I do :-)

Those of you that know me, know Im honest. loving, caring and a very dedicated, passonate breeder, my cats and kittens are my every thing after my children and Andy. They are my world.

Due to us along with a few other breeders being trolled by a very nasty evil unkind jealous person I stopped writing from my heart in my blog, sadly, from day one of doing my blog 9 years ago I have always been honest and true and written from my heart, but because what ever I wrote was used against me by this evil jealous Troll, I stopped. How sad is that :-( as I am one of the few breeders who tells you honestly how breeding really is and about any issues/problems that may pop up along the way.

January and February were emotional,hard months for us, we sadly lost some bengal babies at birth or just after, this does happen,and does not get any easier with time, nature is wonderfull but so cruel too, Im lucky to have an amazing vet who offers so much support and is always here for us and our cats/kittens. All breeders sooner or later will go through a bad patch if they are honest they will tell you, most wont.

I wont be beaten by this Troll, we had to contact the Police in the end after being threatened, Im pleased we worked out who it was, and all because they are jealous and have nothing better to do with their time!

Anyways thank you to a few of my loyal customers who are now friends for their support and kindness you along with our vet have helped us through and have reminded us of what we do here. Which is breed Beautiful Healthy, Well Adjusted, Stunning Bengal Kittens so lucky to have you as my friends so thank you, you all know who you are

Love Julie xx

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