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Sadly this evening I have recieved a very upsetting email regarding our lost babies,

We have just had three litters of kittens from Lily, Ariel and Angelica,

Its normal, normal to lose one kitten every litter this sadly is normal, very sadly we have lost five kittens, two had cleft palate, we have chatted with our vet and other breeders about this and as its not something we normally produce we are lead to believe it from too much Vitamin A in our mums diets we have a year ago changed the raw food we feed it has been bought to our attention that this raw food has added Vitamin A we will not be feeding this to our mums again for this reason. One of our babies was still born, sadly, another one at birth mum, Angelica bit the cord way too low and blood spurted every where I took baby and stopped the bleeding, baby died in my hands but I managed to bring baby back only for her to fade away 24 hours later, she was very small :-( the last little baby we lost was tiny too but we think baby may have been laid on. Angelica is a new mum this is her first litter all of her kittens were very small, although she is being a fantastic mum, with all mums you have to keep a close eye on them as bengal mums do lay on their babies, when Im not in the kittening room I have a baby monitor and can hear babies 24/7 and be in the room with in a minute should an emergency accur. Please Please if anyone else is concerned about the kittens we have lost or our lines just give me a ring. Its very upsetting after loss of  five babies to get an email saying we have health issues in our lines.

At Summerspride Bengals we pride ourselves in breeding from healthy lines, we have been breeding for almost 9 years and not had any health issues to date.

Nature can be cruel at times.

Feel upset to have had to write this blog but would rather write it than have people thinking  unpleasant things about our cats/kittens.

For the record other breeders do not let you know how many kittens they lose or keep you updated on your little ones from birth to the moment they are collected by new mummies and daddies we pride ourselves in this, we are honest caring dedicated breeders always.

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