Nature is soo cruel :-(

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After my awful day yesterday and this whole week really, I spent yesterday evening and through the  night getting Ariels smallest baby to suckle she is now doing really well and has gain almost 20g in 24 hours :-) will keep an eye on her, I went to bed at  half past midnught got up at 3am to check on babies and attach little ones to nipples, I noticed Angelica's little girl was a little weak and didnt want to suckle I gave her some KittyStim (glucose) I put her with mum in the hope she would suckle well, now its 4 am . I then had two hours light sleep, I checked on babies again at 6.03 am was scared to look as I am now every time I enter the room, I looked great all babies are fine, knelt down to give mums their breakfast and Angelica's little one looked very weak and lifeless picked her up, still warm, ohhhhh nooooo baby girl :-(  gone just gone I was too late, I sat and cradled her crying, sobbing, why why why please come back baby girl dont go ................

My heart is broken right now

I dont understand, we have now lost 5 babies why??? Want to know why??? Room too hot?? Room too cold?? Why// Why?? Why?? 

This has happened to other breeder friends but never us before, and it hurts like Hell :-(

Play safe baby girl, im so sorry couldnt save you, your life was so short, but you was loved and so precious so beautiful so perfect, love you always love me your dedicated breeder Julie xxx

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