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 What a day I have had :-(

Took Angelica's baby boy to vets this morn, sadly he had cleft palate, our third in almost 9 years of breeding, I had to say good bye ☹

Chatted with the vet about cleft palate he isnt worried as have only had three, out of 23 litters, it can be genetic or simple too much vitamin A in mums diet.

This afternoon Angelica's smallest baby only 66grams faded away. OMG my heart is broken in two the pain is so bad :-( she was just too tiny to survive :-(So my beautiful Angelica only has three babies left, two boys and one girl, all doing well at the moment

Play safe babies Snow Prince and Snow Baby Girl over at Rainbow Bridge xxx

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  1. Anna

    So sad for you and Angelica thank you Anna Im so sad too :-( xx

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