Bengal babies due next week :-)

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We have three litters of bengal babies due next week, its so exciting watching their tummies grow, Ariel is just Huge the biggest she has ever been, im thinking 6 babies at least, Angelica has a small bump, maybe 3/4 kitten this is her first litter and Auntie Ariel will be sure to look after her well, Dream her mummy is due next month, Lily has her usual size bump with lots of movement, babies feel big Im thinking 4 babies for her :-) lets see if Im right :-) what ever they have, lets hope mums deliver safely and to live healthy beautiful bengal babies, good luck girlies I shall be here with you all xxxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    So exciting and the 9 weeks pregnancies just seems to have disappeared. Safe deliveries mummy's and hope that all the babies will be big, strong and healthy. Jx Thank you :-) xx

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