Our new boy has arrived

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Our new boy has finally arrived :-)

For almost a year now we have been trying to get the rare gene Apb/Apb boy to add to our breeding programme to breed charcoals, its taken almost a year, first boy Diesel arrived with no balls :-( scond boy Cupid had a bad reaction to his vaccinations, third boy has finally arrived :-)

We have named him after George Michael, I am a huge fan

His Pedigree name is PurebengalsGB Just Too Funky pet name George :-)

Photos to be added soon

We are so excited to see what he will produce with Angelica our a/a girl and our charcoal girls when he is ready.......he does carry snow so Charcoals in Silver, Snow, Brown and Silver/Snow :-) so excited :-) 

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    At last. You'd be worrying that you'd never find your perfect double carrier boy. You need worry no more as you have found the wonderful George. Cannot wait to see what his and Angelica's babies will be like. Congratulations Julie, you are now able to progress your dream of breeding charcoals and very special they are too. Jx Jennifer thank you :-) xx

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  2. Anna

    Really happy...what happened with Diesel and Cupid please? Hello Anna, Diesel is here still and Cupid in his new home.

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