Storm & Romeos babie are 13 weeks old

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Babies are 13 weeks old today  :-)  Cherish goes to her new home on Saturday, Paris just after that, we still have two boys available, we dont sell to just anyone here at Summerspride, it take time in finding the right home, we can never have the problem again we had before when we sold Storm as a kittem!!
Babies are all donig sooo well  :-)  they love their little adventures  downstairs to play in the lounge and interact with my other cats Cherish loves to kiss Tigger my moggie over and over again  :-)  Paris plays with them all  :-)  Cupid and Amadeus love playing with Tigger and Muffin. Cupid is sooo like his Daddy Romeo  :-)  Amadeus always looks after the girls  :-)  Beautiful bengal babies  :-)  xx

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