Summer & Romeos babies have arrived

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Babies have arrived  :-) in the early hours of Friday 20th aughust,  when i got into bed late thur eve with Summer in the kittening room she was in labour  :-)  she soon entered the kittening box  :-)  after nearly 40 minutes of pushing baby number 1 arrived into this world  :-)  101g wow really big  :-)  a boy, then came baby number 2 a girl at 96g then baby number 3 a boy at 83g he needed my help, he had fluid in his airways so needed swinging between my legs to get him going :-) alittle worrying for a while but after a few mins he was breathing fine  :-) baby number 4 then arrived weighing in at 86g  :-) a boy,  big babies for us and Summer, Summer and babies doing well  :-)  Thank you Summer for sharing with mummy the most Amazing experience, I love you soooo very much  xx

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