Ariel & Dream babies 7 weeks old

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Babies are 7 weeks old and growing fast, they are all very different, love our charcoal boy he is the biggest and just loves his food, the snow boys are very simular, the one with the Blue collar so reminds me of Snowball :-) our little silver girl is a little love bug and very cheeky too brown and silver boy so very beautiful, with amazing rosettes, pink colar brown girl is soooo fuzzy with the most amazing head and purpple collar girl is so beautiful with stunning markings then you have our very first solid here at Summerspride Bengals, she gets more beautiful every day, fasinating to watch grow and change, babies love their food and love to play, I love watching them rabbit jump :-) Ariel & Dream are the best mummies :-) Dream is starting to put on weight now babies are having more solids

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Ariel and Dreams babies are beautiful with Dreams just having the edge for me. Particularly love the smoke silver snow girl- she's a very special girl indeed. I just wish she could come to Scotland to live with me! Jx Thank you Jennifer :-) xx

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