Lily & Sambuca's babies 8 weeks old

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Babies 8 weeks old we have been to the vets this week, babies have had a little sickness bug and been off their food :-( such a worry, but they are on the mend now :-) Lily is calling again, I do wonder if this has upset babies alittle :-( they have all been wormed again and had their nails cut, they are enjoying lots of warm cooked chicken breast and lots of cuddles, they are still very fuzzy at the mo, the boys are always together, Holly is a mummy's girl and just loves her milky from the bowl :-) Lily continues to be the best mummy :-) love my babies and Lily so much xxxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Hoping Lily's babies continue to improve. Such a shame when babies are poorly but I'm sure you're keeping a close eye on them. Lily as always is such a good mum. Jx

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