Ariel & Dream's bengal babies have arrived

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Ariel and Dream's babies have arrived :-)

Ariel gave birth on Monday evening 08.02.2016 to five gorgeous bengal babies, 3 girls and 2 boys, 3 brown and 2 silver all babies look stunning

Dream gave birth the early hours of Wednesday morning 10.02.2016 to 4 silver snow kittens and 1 silver kitten 4 boys and 1 girl, Dream had a verty trumatic time, lucky Ariel was there to comfort her and help with the kittens as they were born It was so moving to watch both girls together, Ariel just took over the job of midwife, as each kitten was born she ate the plaenta's and chewed the cords and washed the babies, she took care of Dream, so beautiful to watch and be part of.

Very sadly we lot Dream's silver boy he was born with a cleft palate, our first in 7 years of breeding, :-( I named him Precious Star, play safe baby boy with your sisters at Rainbow bridge xxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Thank you so much Julie for allowing me, once again, to listen in to the babies being born and talking me through the births. You are a very special friend and so kind to allow me to share in these very special moments. It hopefully won't be too long until I can help my girl deliver her first litter and I'll be able to draw on the wealth of knowledge that you have been so kind to pass on to me. If I can be half the breeder that you are then I'll be a happy lady. So very sorry about Precious Star, sadly there was nothing that you could have done for him and the kindest gesture was to let him pass over the rainbow bridge and play with all the other, much loved, babies playing there. RIP Precious Star xx Jennifer thank you for being there when Dream was giving birth it was very scary at times, thank you for your kind words xx

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  2. Jennifer Allen

    Play safe Precious Star. Thinking of you Julie xx Thank you lots xx

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