My Beautiful Precious Baby Star

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Im writing this with a very heavy heart :-( Star made it through the night, how clever was she, I toook her to the vets at 10.30 this morning for more antibiotics and fluids by the time we got to the vets only 4 mins drive away, she was struggling, the vet had a look at her and we discussed all the options, not many :-( he suggested an xray to check all was ok, sadly the xray showed Star had a very tiny heart, normally kittens are still born or die a day or two after birth, but Star had some how managed to get to three weeks and three days, the only way forward was to say good bye :-( I sat in the chair at the vets and held her close to my chest, sorry baby girl, I love you so much, please go and find Grandad he will look after you and find Baby Hope, I kissed her lots and said sorry :-( the vet took her, at 10.55 am she left this world :-( my heart is broken beyond repair :-(

Star you gave me so much in your short life, you was the first to purr :-) you had the most beautiful face ever, so soft and gentle, you gave me lots of kisses and padds while feeding you this I will always keep with me in a special place in my heart, love you baby girl always, play safe at Rainbow Bridge Love Mummy & Daddy & Lily, Holly, Noel & Juniper x x x x

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  1. Carli

    Sleep well sweet baby girl star! Your brothers will always remember you ( I will always talk about you to them) X Thank you Carli lots xx

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