We have a new kitten Ebony

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Our new baby girl Ebony arrived on Sunday all the way from Russia, we had expected her to arrive on Thursday, instead of taking two days to arrive she took five whole days, way too ,long for a kitten to be traveling in a small carrier :-( we feel very upset to think of her or any animal being transported in such a way :-( she will take time to adjust and settle before we introduce her to the rest of the house and ofcourse after she has got the all clear from our trusted vet.

Ebony is a charcoal girl so along with Dream and Sambuca we shall be breeding more Charcoals next year :-)

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Poor baby, that's not a nice way for a breeder/ courier to deal with such a young kitten. She must've been so stressed out when she arrived. Hope she settles in to being one of the gang in due time. I'm sure you'll take much better care of her Julie Thank you lots Jennifer xx

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