Storms & Romeos babies are aweek old

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Babies are aweek old last night :-)  all doing really well  :-)  all have over doubled their birth weight even the little one who only weighed 57g smaller than Dinky and Gem as long as they can suckle and have the love and care from a good breeder they will make it  :-)  Storm is such a good mummy so protective of her babies   :-)  eyes are starting to open now  :-)  just amazing a wonderfull moment  :-)  Storm is eating and drinking loads which is very important so she has a good milk supply. A breeder friend once said to us when Summer had her first litter look after mum and she will look after her babies so true I often pass this advice on to others.

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  1. Lucy

    Beautiful babies, cant believe they are a week old already congratulations Julie and Storm, Storm and Romeo are just beautiful love Lucy x x Thank you Lucy xx

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