Lily & Sambuca's babies 11 weeks old

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The girls are 11 weeks old today :-) and have spent the day at the vets for early spaying, thank you to my trusted vets for looking after them so very well, they have come home had dinner and are all running about now like nothing has happened :-) Lily is the most amazing mummy upon their return she washed them all all over, such beautiful girls all together. Early spay/neuter is the only way to go to stop back yard breeders from breeding from pets, such a shame more breeders dont do it, I know some vets wont do it until kittens are 6 months old :-( shame on them, we feel very strongly to early spay/neuter our kittens before they leave our care. Second vaccinations next week then the girls will be off to their new homes, going to miss them loads, but take comfort that we have choosen the right homes for them and we are always here for them and their owners should they ever need us. Lily will have a little break then be mated again this will be her last litter, sadly, she loves being pregnant and having babies and is just the best mummy :-)

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Well done on coming through your little ops well girls- all a part of being a Bengal Pet from a responsible breeder. Much easier on the babies having it done now than waiting until they're 6 months old. So pleased for you ladies. You'll be heading off to your new homes soon so may I wish you all a life of love from your new mummies and daddies. Jx Thank you Jennifer xx

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