Ariel & Dream's babies 5 weeks old

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Babies are five weeks old, all using the litter tray now, have started to eat dry food and tonight had their very first taste of raw food and they all really loved it :-) they are still feeding lots from both Ariel and Dream, its been so nice to watch them all playing this week with their new toys and to watch their personalities develop, feel so bleased to be such a big part of my bengal babies upbringing, love every second spent with them. Feel so lucky to have two Charcoal boys from  Dream they are both amazing, George our silver snow charcoal boy (First one to be born in the uk) is developing well his mask is really coming on, his eyes are so so blue too. Valentino Dream's other Charcoal boy is just so yummy love him :-) and Dream's silver boy is so very wild looking with gorgeous markings, Ariels little Brown  boy is a cheeky monkey, Ariels little Brown girl (purple collar) is a total love bug, Ariel's other Brown girl loves to wash my tummy :-) so cute, both Ariel's silver snows are just so gorgeous the little boy has amazing markings where the little girl is still quite pure white, she reminds me of Summer when we first saw her :-) such a beautiful baby girl. Ariel and Dream are the best mummies together :-) love you girls x x x

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    I can hardly believe the babies are 5 weeks old and, my, aren't they a special bunch. Dreams babies look so wild and Ariel's have the most beautiful rosettes - very special babies indeed. My favourites are the charcoal boys as well as Dreams silver boy and Ariel's brown girl. Beautiful babies. Jx

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