Ariel & Dream's babies 3 weeks old

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Ariel and Dream's babies are three weeks old, they have all grown lots, they are all trying to walk about now a little wobbly all holding their heads up, ears have popped up now, they all wash themselves and eachother and play together all the time, their little teeth have come through the last couple of days. Its so amazing to watch Ariel and Dream share their babies, Dream's little snow boy is looking very much like he is getting a mask so he may well be a Silver Snow Charcoal, we have this week sent off his DNA to be tested. Very exciting :-)

Ariel and Dream are amazing mummies together :-) love my girls x x x

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Gosh, where have the 3 weeks gone. Was lovely to see the babies moving about in the nest with their heads up and not too wobbly on their feet- they'll be out of their nest in no time. Especially love the babies at the 3-4 week stage. They're all coming along beautifully- I have my favourites but it would be unfair to the others to name them. Jx Thank you Jennifer :-) xx

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