Ariel & Dream's babies one week old

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Babies are a week old, what a week it has been, first Ariel gives birth then Dream, then while we are having dinner Dream moves all her babies in with Ariel and then they start to share babies, its been the most Beautiful experience to watch them feed, wash and take care of all the babies but tinged with sadness as we lost Dream's only little girl, sadly :-( and at only four days old, I then spent the next couple of days just checking on babies every five minutes worried to lose another, all babies have more than doubled their birth weights now, their eyes are starting to open now too, they have even started to suck their own paws so very beautiful to watch, Ariel and Dream are the most amazing mummy's together and I feel so blessed to be part of the most beautiful experience in sharing this all with them

Love you girls so much x x x

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Two very special girls giving birth to their babies a day apart then moving in together to share raising each other's babies is so special and a wonder to see. You must be such a proud mummy Julie. The girls sharing is just wonderful and just goes to show how much you put into your cats temperament wise on a day to day basis. It must be amazing to be a part of something so rare and endearing. Good job you put collars on the snows otherwise I suspect you may have been a little lost as to who was who when you returned to the nest after dinner. Must be an absolute joy to you to be a part of this. Well done girls- you're both amazing. Jennifer Thank you Jennifer :-) Love Julie xx

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