Lily & Sambuca's babies 3 weeks old

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Babies are three weeks old today, cant believe three weeks has gone so fast, its been a hard week as the smallest kitten, Summerspride Lily Kisses stopped putting on weight, so off to the vets we went, he couldnt find any thing wrong, gave her synulox to be safe just incase she had a little bug starting, I have been bottle feeding her and attaching her to Lily's nipple every hour for the past few days to ensure she is getting anough milk, the other three are huge, all washing themselves and eachother they love to lay on their backs and have their tunnies rubbed :-) love their little faces :-)

Lily continues to be an excellent mummy :-) love you baby girl xxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Gosh! Where have the 3 weeks gone? Seems like no time since I was on the phone listening to you talking me through the birth. Such a special moment. One memory that will remain deep in my heart. Auntie Jennifer Mine too :-) thank you for sharing with me :-) xx

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