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The most Amazing thing just happened :-) I felt one of Ariel's babies move for the very first time :-) such an Amazing feeling even after having so many litters already I still feel like it was the first time :-) Love you baby girl :-) xxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    That is so special that she chose to share that moment with you. Really special and reassuring at the same time. She has a huge bump already! Poor Ariel, by the time she gets to 65daysvshe'll be massive if she keeps growing at the same rate! She will be sooooo uncomfortable- poor baby. Definitely bigger than she was at this stage with her last litter( 5 babies). Let's make it a quiz to see who can guess the correct number of babies born and how many girls and how many boys? DIsn't really matter at the end of this he day. So long as Ariel and her babies go through the birth well that's the main thing. Auntie Jennifer xx I think 7 babies :-) xx

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