Ariel & Sambuca's babies 7 weeks old

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Babies are 7 weeks old today, dont know where the time has gone, all doing so well and developing in confidence love jumping on each other like little rabbits Snowball loves climbing up my back, Absolut is a total love bug, all of them just love their cuddles, its amazing watching them grow and develop :-) Babies are very fuzzie at the mo, rosettes are developing really nicely, and profiles, the two silvers have best profiles really wild heads like dad,  This week end the bed will come out of the kittening room so kittens have more room to run and play :-) Ariel continues to be an excellent mummy to them all :-)

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Must be so nice to see the babies developing their own personalities It really is Jennifer you will have your turn :-) xx

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