Ariel & Sambuca's babies one week old

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Babies are one week old and what a roller coaster week this has been, its been so emotional, so hard, yet so rewarding all at the same time, its been lovely having two snow babies and watching them change and develop, and watching the two silvers grow and rosette one is just like  mummy and one so like daddy then we have our baby boy he is gorgeous in every single way, our only brown kitten in the litter, love him to bits, I wont ever give up on him although its so hard trying to hand feed a baby and keep attaching him to mums nipple to suck, while stopping the other kittens pushing him off. I so hope we will get there I cant lose a baby at 8 days old :-( praying loads, crying loads too :-( love you baby boy please stay strong xxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    You're catching up with your brothers and sisters little one. Stay strong and keep fighting. I pray that you continue to improve and hope that you'll soon be strong enough to fight your own " nipple fights" without your mums help Thank you Jennifer :-) Love Julie xx

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