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This morning I have had to take the little one to the vets as at 1.30am I didn't like the sound of his cry, like it was weak not a strong cry, and he had not put on weight since yesterday morning, I gave him fluids and nutri drops in the night which seemed to give him a little lift but some thing was different about his cry, so off to the vets we went just to check all was well, I put him down my top to keep him warm in a heated car (the cold will kill a tiny baby) we parked up at the vets, he was gasping for air, the panic, the awful panic, fear :-( I ran into the vets clutching him, just saying he isn't breathing I killed him down my top, the vet nurse took him while I stood there sobbing, it seemed such a long wait while the vet and nurse worked on him, then they called me through, he was breathing on his own omg how thankful and grateful I am to my vets for their speedy reactions and professionalism, he was given fluids and glucose, and watched until he stabilized, the vet thinks he just got a little squashed down my top :-( I  then I bought him home, he is now feeding from Ariel, I will top up if he needs extra.
Thank you to my vets and nurses for looking after him so well, I will never be able to replay you for saving his life. Loads of love Julie xxx

After Dinky and Paris and Baby Hope this has been the most awful experience of my whole breeding, there is no pain quite like it, he is so precious to me only a week old but love him so much, stay strong little one love  you precious baby boy xxx

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