Lily & Sambuca's baby girl 10 weeks old

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Precious is 10 weeks old today, really doing very well, she had her first worming tablet yesterday, she had been having worming paste up until now, she was such a good girl taking it being her first tablet ever :-) the past week she has been getting use to coming out of the kittening room getting use to the telly, washing machine, dishwasher, and all the other cats, she is so very confident just takes every thing in her stride. Her eye colour is changing still looking very much like mums at the minute, her head shape is awsome, gorgeous tail, and lovely rosetted markings two being heart shaped, Precious is eating a very varried diet now including a little dry food. Lily continues to be an excellent mummy to her baby girl. We have decided to allow Precious to have a special pet home, and will repeat this mating next year, going to miss her loads when she leaves as being just one kitten and part hand rearing her she feels so like my baby too and Im sure she thinks Im her second mummy :-) its been Amazing though to be part of such a beautiful and emotional experience thank you Lily for allowing me this opertunity :-)

Love my girls loads xxx

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