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Today I found Honey a cat that belongs to a family who dont want her any more :-(  she  had been hit by a car and had broken her back leg and was in so much pain it was awful to see :-(  I rung the RSPCA who I thought would have rushed to her aid but no, after waiting almost two hours for them to turn up I took Honey to Foal Farm Animal shelter, thank you so much to the staff there for taking Honey and rushing her straight in to see the vet, if Honey doesnt find a loving forever home Foal Farm will give me a call, shame on her owner for just chucking her out in the cold to fend for herself and not getting the door when I rung and knocked for help!! Honey deserves a lovely warm home with food and love. Thank you to Pam for helping me today, looking forward to seeing how Honey is later on this week. :-)

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