Lily & Romeo's bengal babies

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Lily and Romeo's babies have now gone to their new homes and are settling in very well :-)

Thank you to Lynn & Paul for giving Rajah, now named Dexter the best home he now lives with big sister Harley where they are becoming best friends, looking forward to seeing you all soon

Thank you to Leesa & James for giving Bagheera such a special home he now lives with big sister Kaana and they are already playing together :-)

Thank you to Saskia & Tolu for giving Kiara and Mufasa a lovely home together, look forward to lots of updates :-)

Feel so proud of my babies for settling in so quick and so well, love you all and miss you, always here for you all and your new family's

Lily thank you baby girl for the past 14 weeks with your beautiful bengal babies its been a real mixed time, as we lost our Beautiful Tigger during this litter, but have had so much love and comfort from your babies, all babies have been named after Disney cats in honour of Our Tigger :-)

Thank you Lily for being the best mummy we could ask for and we look forward to your next litter with our new boy Sambuca :-)

Love you baby girl love mummy & daddy xxx

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